Hike Vail, Colorado this Fall

Vail Valley is a great place to enjoy a hike during the fall months, with miles of scenic trails for all ability levels. Guests will encounter mountain streams, waterfalls, colorful aspen trees, wildlife and more, with terrain ranging from paved trails to difficult, uphill hikes.

Lost Lake Trail is the easiest in the valley, totaling 3.73 miles between trailheads with a total of 806 ft. in elevation gain. This trail is open to hiking, biking and horseback riding, so traffic may be heavy during peak hiking days, and weekends. Upper Piney River Trail varies in difficulty and trail options, making it ideal for families with hikers of all ages and skill sets. From the trailhead, a gradual climb of about three miles will lead hikers to a cascading waterfall. This trail also provides hikers with access to Mt. Powell and the entire length of Piney River for fishing. For experienced hikers, we suggest Booth Creek Trail, which totals 8.2 miles round-trip, and delights guests with 60 ft. Booth Creek Falls, forest and meadows filled with wildflowers.


For the more ambitious hiker staying in town for multiple nights, our “Bag a Fourteener” package is ideal. With this exclusive package, guests will receive all preparation and goods necessary to climb a nearby peak exceeding 14,000 ft. in elevation. In addition to bragging rights, this weeklong package includes an amenity basket upon check-in with a personal oxygen canister to help acclimate to the mountain altitudes, a Camelback® hydration pack to bring on the climb and a commemorative hardcover book, “14,000 Feet: A Celebration of Colorado’s Highest Mountains.” The package also includes a mountain fitness class with Ellen Miller, two-time Mt. Everest Summiteer and Vail’s top adventure and endurance coach, and concludes with a guided day hike to a choice of local Fourteeners.

Your personal assistant at Solaris Vail would also be happy to suggest a trail that suits your needs. It is recommended that you get an early start in order to avoid potential storms, which can be common during the afternoon. Additionally, be sure to dress in layers, especially if you plan on increasing in elevation throughout the duration of your hike, as weather in Colorado changes quickly. Out of town travelers should pack sunglasses, a hat, sturdy shoes, rain gear, sunscreen, a backpack, a first aid kit and a camera to capture images of the gorgeous scenery! Be sure to pick up healthy snacks and plenty of water at a local store prior to making your way to the trailhead.

Download the Vail Hiking Guide, with a map, here.