Biking Through Fall in Vail

What better way to see fall’s foliage than to hop on your bike and ride through the trees, changing leaves and all? Vail is home to an array of biking trails, and luckily, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy them. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, a first timer or bringing your family along for the ride, Vail provides miles of scenic trails. So, where should you start your journey? While any trail you choose is sure to showcase stunning views, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites.

Family Friendly

Vail Recreation Path stretches seven miles from the banks of Gore Creek through alpine fields and aspen groves. With parks to stop and play at along the trek, this path is a perfect route for families who want to enjoy a beautiful and relaxed ride together.

First Time Mountain Biker

Grand Traverse trail is a signature 3.9 mile ride for Vail bicyclists. The trail begins at the top of the gondola and wraps around Vail’s back bowls for a gentle climb, making for an enjoyable, but mildly challenging ride.

Up for a Challenge

Grab your freeride equipment and head to Mane Lane for a challenging and technical 0.7 mi. trek through Vail.

Pro Tip: Before beginning your biking journey, check the status of all trails to ensure they are open.